Submit a Project

Researchers may include their projects on OURConnect, an online matching system for students to locate available research opportunities. In conjunction with Discord, OURConnect allows students to read about the project(s) and apply through a secure website instead of through Discord. Additionally, the link to the project(s) can be included in the Discord virtual booth for student visitors to easily find your project.

To submit a project:

  1. Go to OURConnect, click on the link, and enter your login credentials.
  2. Go under "Projects" select "Submit New Project."
  3. Select "Research Roundtable" from the drop-down menu.
  4. Complete as much information as possible about your project. (Note, the information currently on that site is outdated and for another program. Please disregard it.)
  5. The project will be approved by the OUR if you also registered for the Research Roundtable event.
  6. Once your project is approved, you can click on "Manage Projects" and select the project. The URL is now the link you can send to students and include on Discord.

Students will apply through OURConnect instead of submitting information through Discord as OURConnect is secure and approved by Purdue. The selection process can be done through OURConnect where you can review their documents, email them for interviews, and submit offers.

If you have questions about the OURConnect system, please email