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The Laboratory of Renewable Resources Engineering

The Laboratory of Renewable Resources Engineering (LORRE) carries out fundamental research and educates students in the transformation of renewable resources and agricultural commodities into value-added products, and in the purification of proteins and natural products.   In addition to publications and patents, products of LORRE’s work include prototypes for the purpose of translating its discoveries into industrial use.  Thesis and fundamental research topics are pursued in partnership with universities, and government laboratories. Research includes engineering and molecular fundamentals of bioreactor design, bioseparations, industrial biology of yeast, and biochemical catalysis with applications in biofuels, bioproducts, and pathogen detection..



LORRE Professor Nathan Mosier awarded 2015 Agricultural Research Award for excellence in applying scientific principles to solve important research problems, Sept, 2015.


Michael Ladisch


Nathan Mosier


Abigail Engelberth


Eduardo Ximenes

Klein Ileleji


Gozdem Kilaz

Kevin Solomon



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LORRE Spotlight

LORRE Spotlight

LORRE Director, Michael Ladisch, Nate Mosier, and colleagues are honored at 12th Annual Inventors Recognition at Purdue Research Park, February, 2017


Daehwan Kim and David Orrego, LORRE graduate students, Awarded NEC Scholarship, 2017


LORRE Graduate Student, David Orrego's poster was awarded first place in the 3rd ABE Graduate Research Symposium, Purdue University, February 18, 2016


LORRE Director, Michael Ladisch, receives 2015 Morrill Award


Nathan Mosier appointed the Indiana Soybean Alliance Soybean Utilization Endowed Chair

LORRE Graduate Student, Barron Hewetson, and Ian Klein, Chemistry, win Business Strategy Competition


Abby Engelberth participant in Teaching for Tomorrow Fellowship Program

LORRE Graduate Student, Studie Red Corn, was spotlighted in Purdue's Agriculture Magazine, 2014


Eduardo Ximenes co-presenter of webinars:

AIChE: "Hollow Fiber Microfiltration of Microorganisms from Food and Water", Dec 3, 2014

NCRCRD: "C3D - Moving Laboratory Research on Pathogen Detection into Commercial Practice", Nov 4, 2014


Recipient of Outstanding Faculty in Discovery Award, School of Aviation & Transportation Technology, Purdue, 2015

Recipient of The Seed for Success - Excellence in Research Award, Executive Vice President for Research & Partnerships, Purdue, 2015

U.S. Navy Awards Purdue $3 million to Advance Alternative Energy - Related Research, Course Development Efforts, Oct 6, 2015