Purdue Institute for Integrative Neuroscience
September 2, 2020
3:30 PM - 5:00 PM


The Purdue Institute for Integrative Neuroscience will hold a series of virtual workshops designed to create interdisciplinary research teams focused on tackling major problems in Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (ADRDs).

The ADRD Workshop Series is designed to identify major challenges in AD and other dementias that would best be addressed by an interdisciplinary approach and to create teams of Purdue faculty members equipped to solve these problems.

Each 90-minute workshop will focus on a key topic relevant to ADRDs and begin with 2 or 3 introductory presentations given by research teams working in this area (approximately 5-10 minutes each). Speakers will summarize their ADRD-related research (or ideas that they’ve formulated around the thematic area), describe gaps in their program where collaborators could add value, and identify key questions in the ADRD field relevant to their research.

Groups of faculty will then meet in virtual rooms to identify new directions related to the thematic area that could be solved through an interdisciplinary approach by teams of PIIN investigators. Presentations will be recorded and posted online with discussion summaries.

Goals of the workshop series will be as follows:

• Build a community of ADRD researchers at Purdue.
• Form new, interdisciplinary research teams focused on major problems in the ADRD field.
• Identify opportunities for collaboration with ADRD experts at the

Stark Neurosciences Research Institute (SNRI).
• Prepare and submit highly competitive applications for extramural funding.

Workshop attendees will have the opportunity to suggest leading experts in the ADRD field whom PIIN will invite to give a virtual seminar during the fall or spring semester.

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Speakers: Riyi Shi Anne Sereno


Main Room (3:30-4:05 pm)


Meeting ID: 924 8696 9233

Introductory comments

Chris Rochet, Director, Purdue Institute for Integrative Neuroscience (3:30-3:35 pm)

Presentation 1

The pathogenesis of TBI-Induced Alzheimer's disease: elucidating protein aggregation mechanisms & beyond

Riyi Shi, Mari Hulman George Endowed Professor of Applied Neuroscience, Department of Basic Medical Sciences; Director, Center for Paralysis Research (3:35-3:45 pm)

Presentation 2

Behavioral biomarkers for early disease diagnosis and differentiation

Anne Sereno, Professor, Department of Psychological Sciences (3:45-3:55 pm)

Presentation 3

Federal Engagement Opportunities

Beeta Rasouli and Nicole Parker, Lewis-Burke Associates (3:55-4:05 pm)

Breakout Sessions (4:05-5:00 pm)

Preclinical models to explore the link between TBI and AD (hosted by Dr. Riyi Shi)


Meeting ID: 933 2799 6606

Passcode: PIIN

Human studies relevant to the link between TBI and AD (hosted by Dr. Anne Sereno)


Meeting ID: 935 7579 7480

Passcode: piin

Role of genetics/epigenetics in mediating the link between TBI and AD (hosted by Dr. Chongli Yuan)

Meeting ID: 961 4974 2299
Passcode: M4xDQP

Computational neuroscience approaches to explore the link between TBI and AD (hosted by Dr. Sebastien Helie)


Meeting ID: 985 2098 8483

Passcode: Boiler

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